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Ricardo Sanchez, Still Instantly Associated With ‘Abu Ghraib’

Somehow, I suspect this is not the way Texas Democrats would like articles about their likely 2012 U.S. Senate candidate to begin:

Former Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, who oversaw coalition forces in Iraq before retiring in the aftermath of the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal, is running for Senate in Texas as a Democrat.

Two Democratic sources with direct knowledge of Sanchez’s plans said he will announce his run Wednesday on Facebook, then file campaign paperwork in San Antonio. The sources would speak only on condition of anonymity before the announcement.

Oh, sure, the Senate race in Texas will probably be dominated by issues like jobs, the economy, gas prices, drilling on and off shore, immigration, taxes, spending, etc. But the Democrats are attempting to rebrand a figure they pretty vehemently labeled a villain less than a decade ago. That effect may linger, even if we suspect that most members of the party are, as Allahpundit eloquently puts it, “ridiculous frauds whose standards of behavior turn entirely on the party identification of the president.”

Or the Senate candidate.


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