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Richardson Endorses Obama… A Little While After It Would Really Help

Bill Richardson endorses Obama.

Would have been more helpful before the New Mexico caucus, which Hillary won by a narrow margin.
Nearly a year ago, the Campaign Spot noted what I like to call the Rosetta Stone of Richardson anecdotes:

These two paragraphs in a Denver Post profile are turning into the Rosetta Stone of Bill Richardson.

Instapundit dislikes the speeding, but notes that at least he was driving a hybrid. (Quick, someone calculate how much more energy you use by speeding at 90 mph instead of driving the speed limit.) Mickey Kaus notices that Richardson finds a bill that would have offered legalization to illegal immigrants who’d been here for two years or more to be “half a loaf.”
Now all we need is to hear that he was touching a female lawmaker in a way that made her uncomfortable during the call, or perhaps licking his finger and smudging his communications director’s glasses, and we’ve got the perfect Richardson anecdote.
Or if his hybrid SUV ran over Wen Ho Lee along the way…

That was long before he became the Ryan Leaf of the Democratic field. He debuted with some funny ads, then announced his appreciation for “Oriental medicine“, he was dogged by rumors of inappropriate behavior, he appeared on post-scandal Don Imus’s show, he lost his mother’s vote, he put bloggers in his ads, called for Musharraf’s removal from power and an end of all U.S. aid to Pakistan. He pledged to work with the Soviet Union.
Some of his final words on the debate stage were his funniest, lamenting an earlier debate answer when he said Whizzer White, a dissenting vote on Roe.vs. Wade, was his favorite Supreme Court justice: “Yeah… that wasn’t a good one.” (At that moment, he was essentially indistinguishable from Horatio Sanz’ impersonation of him on Saturday Night Live.)
The man always looked like an unmade bed, contradicted his own proposals all the time, spat out gaffes like a Pez dispenser, and referred to his previous positions in government like he had obsessive-compulsive disorder… but somehow I miss the guy anyway.


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