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The RNC Chair Endorsements Continue to Dribble In…

Will RNC Chair endorsements slow down during the holiday week? Apparently not.

Politico reports this morning:

Former Missouri Republican Party Chair Ann Wagner will pick up a pair of key endorsements in her bid to lead the RNC today, from West Virginia RNC Committeeman Jim Reed and Committeewoman Donna Lou Gosney. Their support pushes Wagner’s endorsement total into the double digits – and perhaps more importantly, they give her the backing she needs in order to be nominated for the chairmanship. Currently, only Wagner and Wisconsin Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus have the public support to pass that test, which requires candidates to have two-thirds support from three different state delegations. (Wagner’s three are West Virginia, Missouri and Tennessee, while Priebus has Wisconsin, North Dakota and Mississippi.)

Meanwhile, up in New York:

New York State Republican Chairman Edward F. Cox and all members of New York’s growing Republican Congressional delegation have announced their support for Maria Cino to be the next Chair of the Republican National Committee. 

“I am proud to support native New Yorker Maria Cino to be our next Chairman of the Republican National Committee.  The RNC faces massive debt, a brain drain, a Presidential campaign on the horizon and other serious challenges.  What we need now is experienced, committed and focused leadership.  Throughout her career in politics and government Maria has demonstrated clearly she has the skills necessary to ensure the RNC is an effective driver of our values and our candidates in time for 2012,” Cox said.



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