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Is Rob Simmons Coming Back or Just Teasing?

There’s a fine line between keeping your options open and being a big tease, and/or indecisive, and once (and future?) Senate candidate Rob Simmons is getting right up to that line:

The former CIA operative and member of the House of Representatives tells me it’s looking more and more like he will revive his dormant campaign for Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate.

I like Rob Simmons a great deal, and a multi-month campaign hibernation would be one of the more creative and original tactical maneuvers in modern politics. Having said that, you can’t be the Schrödinger’s candidate, simultaneously running and not running. Either you’re in the race or you aren’t. Come on.

UPDATE: A couple readers complain, with some justification, that I don’t list where Simmons is running; sometimes I just presume readers have been reading the site and following these races all along. Rob Simmons is a former congressman from Connecticut, generally moderate on social issues and generally conservative on economic and foreign policy, who was leading Chris Dodd in the Senate race. Then Linda McMahon, wife, wealthy executive who built her fortune through running professional wrestling, jumping into the race and started spending money by the boatload. Simmons concluded he couldn’t keep pace and suspended, but did not formally, end his campaign. His name remains on the ballot, but he does no formal campaigning…


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