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Rob Simmons Is Kinda Sorta Almost Running Again

Boy, it’s “strange commercial” day for Republicans in Connecticut. I’ve expressed admiration for Rob Simmons in the past, and will probably come out of this primary still thinking highly of him, but there are a couple of oddities in his latest message.

1. This ad is titled and described in campaign materials as a “PSA.” Sir, if it looks like a commercial, sounds like a commercial, conveys a candidate’s message like a commercial, and quacks like a commercial, it’s a commercial.

2. “I’m Rob Simmons, I’m still on the ballot, and I approved this message.” So are you running? Are you pursuing the office, or are you just hoping it falls in your lap because Republicans have doubts about Linda McMahon? If you want it, show it. This isn’t an appointed office. It’s as if Simmons has one leg in the race and one leg out. This is the hokey-pokey candidacy.

3. I used to have the habit of talking with my hands, so I shouldn’t throw stones, but Simmons uses so many hand gestures it looks like he’s doing his own sign language for the hearing-impaired.

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