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Romney Camp: You Really Want to Talk About Debt, Obama?

The Romney campaign is a little incredulous that the latest attack from the Obama campaign is that companies under Bain Capital’s management added too much debt.

I mean… when you’ve added more than $5.05 trillion in debt in less than four years… you really can’t throw stones about somebody else spending too much money.

So in the short time since this morning when the Obama campaign attacked Mitt Romney’s business record, the President has added more debt to our national debt than he accuses GS Industries of having two years after Mitt Romney left Bain. Note: $500M is .01% of Obama’s new debt since taking office; Obama has been in office 1210 days; .01% of his time in office is .12 days, or slightly less than 3 hours. 

The Debt That Barack Obama Attributes To GS Industries, At A Time When Romney Was No Longer At Bain, Would Pay For Less Than 3 Hours Of The New Debt Of Obama’s Presidency. 

From January 20, 2009 To May 10, 2012, The National Debt (Total Public Debt Outstanding) Increased $5,047,812,128,345.47.(Department Of The Treasury,, Accessed 5/14/12) 

The Obama Campaign Asserts That In 2001, “With More Than $500 Million In Debt, GS Industries File[d] For Bankruptcy[.]” (Obama For America’s Romney Economics Website,, Accessed 5/14/12)


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