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Romney, Just One Transcription Error Away from Reaganesque

A Campaign Spot reader from Colorado offers this automated digital voice transcription from a volunteer on a campaign:

Hi I’m Jill calling from the Ronnie for President campaign to invite you to a rally with Matt on Saturday February fourth at two forty five pm. be available be at Spring fabrication located at eight five zero zero Plaza Drive in Colorado Springs. If you’re interested in attending. Please call us at 7202829815 or e-mail us at T L C we hope to see you there. Thank you for your time. This call was paid for by ronnie(?) for President Inc..

Sure, Romney may have disappointed conservatives, but we still have warm, affectionate, appreciative feelings for “Ronnie.”

Matt Ronnie: the poorly transcribed choice for 2012!

Kinda reminiscent of the Bad Lip Reading coverage of this campaign:


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