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Romney Message: What the Court Didn’t Do Today, I Will Do on My First Day

The Romney campaign previews the candidate’s remarks on the Obamacare Obama Health Care Tax ruling:

•      Governor Romney disagrees with the Supreme Court’s decision. What the Supreme Court didn’t do on the last day of its session, Mitt Romney will do on his first day in office.

•      On Day One of a Romney Presidency, Mitt Romney will repeal Obamacare and replace it.

•      Let’s not confuse what the Court said today. The Court said that Obamacare is constitutional — but not that it’s good policy or good for the country.

•      Yesterday Obamacare wasn’t popular, today Obamacare isn’t popular.

•      Yesterday Obamacare was bad policy, today Obamacare is bad policy.

•      Obamacare is a job killer — it raises taxes, it cuts Medicare, and it puts government between patients and their doctors.

•      We have a path to defeating Obamacare and it is by electing a new president.

•      We urge everyone in the country who is opposed to Obamacare to join Mitt Romney in his campaign to replace President Obama. To defeat Obamacare, we must defeat President Obama.


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