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Romney on Obama: ‘The deliverables have been disappointing.’

I spoke to Mitt Romney Wednesday afternoon about tackling the debt, Greece, Bain Capital and bankrupt companies, and the strangely inserted facts about Obama in the presidential biographies on the White House website. Romney’s full comments can be found on the home page.

His comment about the biography-editing:

“I hadn’t seen the story, but I do know that when the president ran, he said that this election would be the turning point, that the oceans would recede, that the world would shift because of him being in office. There seem to be people around him, as well as himself, who have a very grand view of what he will accomplish . . . and we’re still waiting to see that. I think the American people have been disappointed. The promises were grandiose and extraordinary, and the deliverables have been disappointing at best. I think it is one thing to try to rewrite your own history — it’s something different altogether to rewrite that of all your predecessors. . . . I can commit: I will not be trying to rewrite the biographies of former presidents.”


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