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Romney Pessimism

A couple of readers are expressing surprise about the pessimism in the assessment of R

Sure, Romney entered Tuesday the frontrunner, and he’s still the frontrunner today.

 I feel like we’ve been waiting for him to catch fire for quite a few contests now and he’s just a wet log. For months, it’s been reasonable to argue, “in a general election, everyone will unify behind the nominee, evangelicals will get beyond voting for a Mormon, Obamacare opponents will get past Romneycare, conservatives will conclude he’s not a flip-flopper…” and week by week, the evidence is mounting that that won’t be the case – or at least, won’t be the case in the numbers the GOP needs.I mean, if the GOP has a candidate who’s weak in the South and weak among evangelicals — I’m not saying losing these demographics, just not bringing them out in droves — while Obama is still getting 95% of the African-American vote in big numbers… how secure does North Carolina look? Georgia? Florida or Virginia?Could a veep pick bring them aboard? Sure, maybe. But it’s hard to appeal to those AND to swing voters, i.e., independents, women, Latinos, wealthier suburbanites, etc. The idea of scrapping this field and picking somebody – and I hear some veteran GOP consultants are really starting to look at the mechanics to make this work – is looking more and more appealing than limping into the fall with Obama-Biden vs. Romney-The Guy Who We Hope Will Carry Romney Across the Finish Line.


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