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Romney Releases His 3Q Fundraising Numbers

From Team Romney:

Today, Romney for President announced it is expected to report over $18 million in total receipts for the Third Quarter, ending September 30, 2007. The Campaign again opted to raise no general election funds and is expected to report $10 million in primary contributions. The total receipts include Governor Romney’s loan of $8.5 million.

Two other key points:

Cash On Hand: $9 Million

· Total Number Of Donors So Far This Year: More Than 100,000 (23,000 New Donors In The Third Quarter)

UPDATE: Romney’s rivals are quickly pointing out that without his own donation, he would have $500,000 cash on hand. Yeah, and if he didn’t have a personal fortune, he’d be in really tough shape. But he does have a personal fortune, and has dipped in plenty, and has plenty more to spend if he feels he needs it. In other words, all of these fundraising numbers are kind of moot for Romney, as he could get zero donations and still have more than enough cash to run a serious campaign.


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