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Romney Strategist: ‘For Us, the Economy Will Continue to Be the Big Issue.’

Romney Senior Adviser Russ Schriefer unveiled the campaign’s first national television ad, “Day One”:

“We wanted to give folks a sense of what a Romney presidency would look like,” Schriefer said of the ad, which focused on “immediately approving the Keystone pipeline, tax cuts and reforms to reward job creators, not punishing them; and replacing Obamacare with common sense health care reform.”

“This is a pivotal moment in the campaign, as opinions about Governor Romney are still being formed, they haven’t set yet. We’re beginning to introduce Romney in some of the key states,” Schriefer said. He added that by his count, the Obama campaign had already unveiled at least five television ads, and that he couldn’t find a coherent theme – job creation, education, the auto industry bailout, Romney’s sinister Swiss Bank Account, alleged tax breaks for big oil.

“They’re still struggling to figure out what this race is about for them,” he said. “For us, the economy continues to be the big issue, and will continue to be the big issue.”

Asked whether the Romney campaign will be spending much time on issues they might regard as second-tier, Schriefer said, “I wouldn’t limit our message to three issues; this mostly reflects the limits of a 30 second ad. You’ll be seeing ads on spending reform, debt reduction, and other things that Governor Romney will do. But we don’t want to give away too much right now.”

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