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Ron Paul, Punching Bag for the Rest of the Field

The night is rapidly turning into an everybody vs. Ron Paul fight.

He called Israel a “stepchild of the United States,” which Rudy calls “absurd.”
Thompson: Huckabee seemed concerned that the aid that we give to Pakistan is given to their military. That’s the point. We helped train their military. That’s who they would fight the Taliban with, is their military.
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Romney: Everywhere I go, I hear from people that Washington is broken, and it makes promises that it has not kept.
“My whole life is about bringing change to things I’ve touched.”
The “change” mantra was inherent in Wallace’s question, but I’ll be happy when that buzzword dies.
Wallace: You’ve been in Congress for a quarter century. Are you part of the solution in changing Washington, or are you part of the problem.
McCain: I think my answer’s pretty obvious.
Ask Jack Abramoff if I’m an insider in Washington. You’ll have to go during visiting hours. He and his cronies will tell you of the changes I brought there.
I was about to say, oh, come on, McCain, you didn’t have anything to do with that, but now that I think of it, didn’t this all get started in some Indian Affairs Committee hearing chaired by McCain?
Huckabee: I raised hope. I raised expectations.
That’s a weird echo of Obama.
“We had no bridges falling down in Arkansas.”
Was that a shot at Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty?


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