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Rove: ‘Obama Will Have the Cash. But He Can’t Run on His Record.’

American Crossroads offers an electoral analysis and pep talk from Karl Rove, complete with snazzy moving graphics floating in the air beside him:

He suggests that the Obama path to victory will require vastly outspending the Republicans in states like Indiana, Virginia, Ohio, and Florida.

“President Obama will have the cash. But he can’t run on his record. What’s he going to say, ‘Vote for me because of the failed stimulus, all of those deficits, and that health-care bill you hate’?”

Rove’s path to 270: Keep the McCain states, flip back traditionally Republican Indiana, North Carolina, and Virginia; win the regular swing states of Ohio and Florida, and then at least one of any other swing state: Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, or New Hampshire.


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