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Rubio: Backing Romney, Not Interested in Being Veep

Over on the home page, I have an interview with Florida senator Marco Rubio about his endorsement of Mitt Romney, the signal he’s sending on the oral arguments at the Supreme Court about Obamacare, and his idea for a revised version of the DREAM Act.

Most notably, Rubio indicates that his denial of interest in the vice-presidency is so thorough and irreversible for this cycle that he would not participate in the usual vetting process.

NRO: So . . . you’re probably sick of being asked questions about being someone’s running mate.

RUBIO: I guess I’m flattered that people ask about it — people don’t usually ask that about someone who they don’t think is credible.

But it’s not going to happen. My answer on that issue hasn’t changed.

NRO: When you say it’s not going to happen, do you mean you don’t expect to be asked, or that if offered, you would turn it down?

RUBIO: When you say it’s not going to happen and you’re not interested, they’re not going to ask. You don’t ask somebody to be your vice president who has already said they’re not interested. It doesn’t work that way, as you well know. There’s a process to selecting a vice president. It’s not like asking someone to go to the prom. This is a very significant decision that involves a lengthy process. If you’re not involved in that process because you’ve made it clear you’re not interested, you’re not going to be asked.

NRO: So this is you sending a signal, “don’t ask.”

RUBIO: I’m focused on some other things going on right now. Particularly some issues that I look forward to being involved with in a majority in the Senate, if, God willing, we’re able to win in November.


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