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Rudy’s Foreign Policy Team

It will get little attention today, but Rudy unveiled his foreign policy team, including:

Charles Hill, former executive aide to President Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of State George P. Shultz, a lecturer in the International Security Studies program at Yale University, a special consultant on policy to the United Nations Secretary-General, and a research fellow at the Hoover Institution, will serve as the Chairman of the Senior Foreign Policy Advisory Board. He is also the campaign’s Chief Foreign Policy Advisor.
Senior foreign policy team members include Norman Podhoretz and Senator Bob Kasten.  Other team members include Steve Rosen, Senior Defense Advisor; Martin Kramer, Senior Middle East Advisor; S. Enders Wimbush, Senior Public Diplomacy Advisor; Peter Berkowitz, Senior Statecraft, Human Rights and Freedom Advisor; and Kim R. Holmes, a Senior Foreign Policy Advisor.

I also like how Rudy’s release refers to “The Terrorists’ War on Us.”
By the way – poor JPod is now going to have to put all in his Rudy posts in the Corner, “My father is a foreign policy adviser for Rudy’s campaign…”


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