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Running Against the Status Cuomo

Well, it’s not like the New York State Republican party can argue they’ve earned the loyalty and faith of the grassroots.

Does Carl Paladino have a steep uphill climb in New York’s governor’s race? Yup.

But in this environment, when Albany has found the ability to keep pace with Springfield, Sacramento, and the old Trenton for corruption, incompetence, immature bickering, and generally embarrassing behavior, would you want to be the state attorney general and heir to a state political dynasty?

Or would you rather be the guy running on the message, ”One wants to clean up Albany with a whisk broom. One might even use a mop. Me, I’ll clean out Albany with a baseball bat. That’s how bad it’s gotten . . . Albany is a cesspool.”

It’s been a long time since New York had an interesting statewide Republican primary, but 440,000 votes between two not-well-known candidates is pretty encouraging.

UPDATE: Dan McLaughlin reminds me that as Paladino becomes preeminent, he is expected to have enthusiasms. (Violent content warning below.)


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