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Running Mate Joe Biden, As Truthful As Ever Since Day One

Over in the Corner, Katrina Trinko pours water on the Obama-Cuomo 2012 rumor, noting that Fox News is reporting that White House aides have shot down the idea that Joe Biden would be replaced.

Of course, we have to suspect that if there was any serious discussion of replacing Biden, it would be kept under wraps and the move denied until officially announced. Remember the very first thing that Biden said to the public, days before the official announcement back in August 2008:

“Hey guys, I’m not the guy. See ya.”

Biden didn’t say, “wait and see,” or “I haven’t heard anything yet,” he offered a flat denial. As some of us pointed out at the time, Biden began his role as Obama’s running mate by lying to the press.

So… it would seem that statements on the future makeup of the Democratic presidential ticket and whether it includes Joe Biden should be handled with a certain wariness.

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