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Running on Obamacare in Oklahoma: Good Luck With That

Periodically I will emphasize that I don’t believe in conservative Democrats. Sure, there might be individual Democrats who vote against the party line, but they prove largely ineffective when the rubber meets the road on a big vote, like health care, cap-and-trade, the stimulus, etc. In other words, once the party really needs them, most conservative Democrats fall in line.

Still, after watching him at the NRA convention, I see why a lot of conservative folks like Rep. Dan Boren of Oklahoma. And now he has an explicitly pro-Obamacare primary challenger:

State Sen. Jim Wilson, D-Tahlequah, plans to challenge U.S. Rep. Dan Boren for Oklahoma’s 2nd Congressional District in the primary race this fall.Wilson, a longtime proponent of health care reform, said Boren’s opposition to the federal health care bill is what prompted him to run.

This is a district where John McCain carried 66 percent of the vote. Local Republicans would love to face a non-incumbent Democrat running on a “hooray for Obamacare” platform.


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