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Sanford: I Was Watching the Super Bowl With My Son

The campaign of Mark Sanford has issued a statement from the candidate about the allegations of tresspassing at the home of his ex-wife, Jenny Sanford:

Charleston, SC – April 17, 2013 – Former Governor Mark Sanford today released the following statement:

“It’s an unfortunate reality that divorced couples sometimes have disagreements that spill over into family court. I did indeed watch the second half of the Super Bowl at the beach house with our 14 year old son because as a father I didn’t think he should watch it alone. Given she was out of town I tried to reach her beforehand to tell her of the situation that had arisen, and met her at the back steps under the light of my cell phone when she returned and told her what had happened.

“There is always another side to every story, and while I am particularly curious how records that were sealed to avoid the boys dealing with embarrassment are now somehow exposed less than three weeks before this election, I agree with Jenny that the media is no place to debate what is ultimately a family court matter, and out of respect for Jenny and the boys, I’m not going to have any further comment at this time,” Sanford said.


UPDATE: And with that, the National Republican Congressional Committee reveals they will no longer be making an effort in this race.


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