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Sanford’s Potential Successors May Want Him to Stay in Office

Over on the homepage, I have a rapidly assembled article on Mark Sanford’s confessions, and what happens next.

Here’s an interesting factor arguing against impeachment or calls to resign:

Fred Wszolek, a veteran political consultant who lives in Sullivan’s Island, S.C., notes that as much as the state’s political players may want Sanford gone, they may dread his replacement even more: “If Sanford resigns, Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer would take over, and most of the rest of the state’s political establishment doesn’t want him becoming governor. First they don’t want him running the state in general, and then there are a congressman, an attorney general, and at least two state legislators who want to run for governor in 2010, and none of them want Andre Bauer to be running as a quasi-incumbent.” Those who seek to run the government may even find the post-scandal Sanford more to their liking: “It’s a weak governorship to begin with institutionally, and he’s now so weakened that he’s now completely beside the point. Now all he’s got is the bully pulpit.”

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