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Like Santa Ana Looking For Volunteers Within the Alamo

Freddoso noted this e-mail from a McCain political director:

Dear McCain Supporter,
Over the past 48 hours since John McCain’s comeback win in the New Hampshire primary, the McCain campaign has received many endorsements of people who were previously neutral, or in some cases had endorsed other campaigns. This list includes a former Governor, a high-ranking statewide official, State Representatives, County Chairs, and many more.  Senator McCain clearly has the momentum in this campaign and people want to be a part of it.  They know that he is the only candidate prepared to be Commander-in-Chief.
We will be releasing a new list of people in the next few days who have endorsed Senator McCain since his New Hampshire victory over Governor Mitt Romney.  If you would like to endorse, or have any family or friends whom you believe would like to join Sen. McCain’s campaign, please let me know at …
As we mentioned in a previous email, we request that any person who intends to run as a McCain delegate to the Republican National Convention emails us an official endorsement prior to the Primary.
Finally, here is a link to a list of people thought to support Mitt Romney in Michigan:
Based on what has happened the last few days, we have every reason to believe that many of these folks are ready to join Senator McCain’s campaign.  Several already have endorsed.  Please contact anyone you know on this list and encourage them to join the team and let them know their support would be appreciated.  We accept all late comers and would be grateful for the support of anyone who would like to climb aboard the Straight Talk Express as Senator McCain travels Michigan over the weekend!
Thank you for your help and strong support.

I’d just add that I think the timing of this is probably too early. We’re heading into what’s being touted as Romney’s last stand, and McCain is either his number one or number two competitor in Michigan. Do supporters usually abandon their candidate right before the big, decisive fight? It’s kind of like Santa Ana looking to sign up volunteers from within the Alamo.
If Romney loses Michigan, I think you may see some of his supporters looking at their options. But it may be a little early for Team McCain to go looking for converts, particularly after their man jabbed at Romney so mercilessly Saturday night…
UPDATE: Team Romney is chuckling over its own official that they’ve persuaded to switch sides, from McCain to Romney…


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