The Campaign Spot

Sarah Palin, Dishing It Out

Clearly, Palin is at home discussing drilling and energy…

“Our opponents say that drilling alone won’t solve all of our energy problems — as if we didn’t already know that. The fact that drilling won’t solve every problem isn’t an excuse to do nothing at all.”
She makes a reference to “our opponent” and his “devoted followers… This man has authored two memoirs, but no major law, not even in the state senate.”
She is ruthless, hitting Obama on fake Greek columns.
Too negative? Or is she handling it all with a scalpel?
Talking about those who make change with their careers, not with their rhetoric. She mentions Obama’s “self-designed presidential seals.”
She quotes Harry Reid, “I can’t stand John McCain.” “Ladies and gentleman, no praise we hear this week will make it any clearer than that.” Clearly, what the Majority Leader meant is that he can’t stand up to John McCain. 
“To seek the presidency is not to be a journey of personal discovery.”
“There is really only one man in this election who has ever fought for you.” Good line.