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Sarah Palin’s Voice, Still a Star of Radio

In December, I heard an Alaskan king crab company using a Sarah Palin impersonator in their radio ads–the slogan was, “Finally, a real winner from Alaska”–and now Jerry’s Subs and Pizza is using a Sarah Palin impersonator as well in their ads on Washington-area stations. Her closing line is, “I can see America from my house.”

Now, it’s a free country, and Jerry’s or anyone else can make fun of anyone they want in their ads. But I’m left scratching my head about jokes about someone who’s been pretty quiet since Election Day. Even if Jerry’s or other chains felt that a joke about Obama wouldn’t be warmly received, aren’t Biden’s booming, boisterous boasts worth a jab or two? Don’t Sarah Palin jokes seem a little dated right about now?

Couldn’t Daschle appear and ask if he can buy the subs tax-free?


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