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Saul Anuzis, Thinking Seriously About a Senate Bid

Here at CPAC I spoke to Saul Anuzis, former chair of the Michigan GOP and two-time candidate for chairman of the Republican National Committee, to see if he was indeed running for Senate, as he had hinted on his Twitter feed. Anuzis said he’s thinking seriously about it and has spoken with the National Republican Senatorial Committee, but that he was some ways away from the decision. He noted that other Republicans had been named as potential candidates, and he thought they, too, could make strong candidates.

He noted that incumbent Debbie Stabenow, a two-term incumbent, was polling terribly, and said, “that means people are paying attention and they’re not impressed.”

He noted that traditionally, Michigan candidates have decided in time for the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference meeting in September, and that this year by the time that meeting arrives, “we’ll have a good idea of who’s in and who’s out.”


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