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To Say Nothing of the Koran-Burning Carbon Emissions . . .

My two favorite lines from today’s Morning Jolt:

Allahpundit, writing at Hot Air [about the proposed Koran burning]: “Glenn Beck’s against it too, of course. The grand irony of this crank pastor’s publicity stunt is that he’s trying to force the public to confront a difficult issue — when, if ever, is it appropriate to offend Muslims? — but doing it in such a grotesque, notoriously fascist manner that he’s guaranteed a united front against him among pols and pundits. Denouncing a book-burning is as easy a litmus test for decency as it gets in American politics.”

Look, here’s a handy rule for Pastor Pyro in South Florida: If the act you’re contemplating has never been portrayed as noble, heroic, or moral in the entire history of popular culture or literature, your moral compass has probably run afoul of a magnetic field comparable to a black hole. Reread Fahrenheit 451, pal, the book-burning firemen were the bad guys.

And on Obama’s speech in Ohio:

The Minority Leader’s office asks, ‘Who, us?  “The fact that President Obama and the White House are so focused on what John Boehner is saying shows just how out-of-touch they really are,” says Boehner spokesman Kevin Smith. “Americans are concerned about jobs, spending, and health care, yet this White House is flailing because it has no answers.”

You know why conservative bloggers can’t figure out why Obama is suddenly paying enormous attention to John Boehner? Because conservative bloggers don’t pay enormous attention to John Boehner.  In fact, the last people to pay enormous attention to John Boehner were probably his family. This is not to knock him, but to illustrate the inanity of the Obama camp’s last-minute demonization effort. It’s tough to gin up a good Two Minutes Hate after the Two Minute Warning. The economy’s a shambles, and Obama wants Americans to focus their ire on . . . that guy? Him? The orange fella who looks like a hardware store owner who’s managing a House caucus small enough to meet in a phone booth? If he reaches any further, Obama’s next scapegoat will be an actual goat.


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