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Scott Brown Campaign Unveils His ‘Dog Blog’

This is . . . amazing timing:


Features New Web Video Of Scott Brown Introducing Family Pets Koda & Snuggles

BOSTON – Today, the Brown campaign launched a new section of its web site, called “the Dog Blog.” This new section includes the latest campaign web video, entitled “Koda & Snuggles,” which features Scott Brown introducing his two family pets, and discussing the companionship they provide in both the Senate and on the trail. The Dog Blog is also visible as an app on Brown’s campaign Facebook page.

To visit the Dog Blog, click:

The Dog Blog includes a photo gallery of other canine companions who spend time at the pet-friendly Brown campaign headquarters in South Boston.

The rescue dogs include:

Sophie Age: 2 Breed: Mutt Bio: Sophie was found in South Carolina, abandoned, tied to a post and 15 pounds underweight. When she was discovered, she was transferred to a foster home in New Hampshire. She was adopted this spring.

Oliver Age: 4 Breed: Italian Greyhound Bio: Oliver was found abused and abandoned in Arkansas. He was later dropped off at a local veterinary clinic, where he was placed in a rescue adoption program.

Gigio Age: 4 Breed: Beagle Mutt Mix Bio: Gigio was rescued from a puppy mill in Tennessee, where at only 11-weeks old, he had been abandoned. When discovered, he was placed in a veterinary clinic’s adoption program.

Bear Age: 2 Breed: Black Lab Mix Bio: Bear was found abused and malnourished in South Carolina. She and her whole family were rescued and put in a pet adoption service. She was adopted in 2009. She is still extremely shy from her rough days, but is now healthy and happy with her new owners.

Wait, there’s more . . . a new web video, too.

It’s a great day for candidates to unveil dog news, I suppose.


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