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Scott Walker’s Busy Upcoming Week

Today Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, one of the indisputable rock stars of CPAC*, writes on NRO about the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address a joint session of Congress this week. We should listen closely as he raises legitimate concerns about Iran — giving him and his country the respect worthy of a close ally.

Instead, President Obama and some Democrats have chosen to use this visit as a political football. This is exactly what Americans dislike about Washington.  Lost amidst the petty squabbling in our nation’s capital over protocol is the simple fact that the U.S.–Israel relationship is in crisis, perhaps the most serious crisis in our history.

While implementing policy that rewards Israel’s enemies, the Obama administration has been questioning the prime minister’s motives and attempting to undermine his message. Stop the pettiness. We must repair the ruptured bonds between our two countries. 

Walker’s schedule for the week ahead, according to his PAC Our American Revival:

  • Freedom to Work legislation will pass the Assembly and be sent to the governor to sign.
  • Our American Revival meetings, fundraising and policy meetings. 
  • A meeting at the American Enterprise Institute.
  • Iowa Agriculture summit and Iowa grassroots events.

* Other than, you know, that one line.

Can you believe it is only March?


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