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Selling Time With Bill Clinton: Hillary-Free Fundraisers For Clinton Campaign

Word is, if you raise $300,000 for Hillary’s campaign, you, too can enjoy some private time with Bill Clinton. And, as either a bonus or a drawback… no Hillary.

A top supporter of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign tells Election Central that former President Bill Clinton is hosting a series of private gatherings of elite donors designed to bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars a pop for his wife’s President campaign.
And here’s the unusual thing about these big-ticket events: Hillary isn’t at them. The main attraction is the former President — Bill, Bill, and only Bill…
“Her gathering are meant to raise maximum dollars in front of maximum crowds,” the Hillary backer tells us. “His are much smaller, but the threshold amount of money to attract him is around $300,000. He’s a major fundraising vehicle for her. It’s a way of attracting significant additional money at smaller events where people can have intimate conversations with the former President.”
Clinton spokesman Jay Carson confirmed that the former President was conducting the events but was unable to say whether they were attracting such dollar amounts.
The top Hillary backer added: “They’ll call her fundraisers and say, `If you can bring together contributions in the $300,000 vicinity, and we can find an opening in President Clinton’s calendar, then we can put something together.’ Or they’ll say, `I’ve got the President on this or that date for an hour and a half — can you raise $300,000 for it?’”

Raising $300,000 a pop, huh? We know that the donors can’t just write a check for that amount. The current maximum is $2,100 for a primary and $2,100 for a general election. So every attendee of these “private chats with Bill” meetings must have, by my back-of-the-envelope calculation, found 72 donors willing to give the maximum.


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