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A Senate Candidate Who’s ACORN-Tested, ACORN-Approved

You know, if I were running for office next year, I’d be pretty happy if my opponent was the secretary of state, the highest-ranking elections official of a highly contested state, and had a long and extensive record of working hand-in-hand with ACORN.

In other words, I’d be pretty happy to be Roy Blunt, running against Robin Carnahan in Missouri.

I’m just picturing attack ads with closing lines like Robin Carnahan: No one’s accused her of offering assistance to underage prostitution rings . . . yet.

In the interim, we’ve got this video from the Missouri GOP laying out the ties between Carnahan and ACORN. Short version, if they were any closer, they would violate the laws of physics prohibiting two objects from occupying the same space at the same time.


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