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Senate Votes Today on Two of Obama’s Embarrassing Ambassadorial Nominees

Today the U.S. Senate votes on two of President Obama’s ambassadorial nominees: Noah Mamet, the nominee to be U.S. ambassador to Argentina and Colleen Bell, the nominee to be ambassador to Hungary.

You may recall Noah Mamet admitting in response to a question to Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., he has never traveled to Argentina:

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SEN. MCCAIN: So what would you be doing differently from your predecessor, who obviously had very rocky relations with the present government?

MS. BELL: If confirmed, I look forward to working with the broad range of society –

SEN. MCCAIN: My question was, what would you do differently?

MS. BELL: Senator, in terms of what I would do differently from my predecessor, Kounalakis –

SEN. MCCAIN: That’s the question.

MS. BELL: Well, what I would like to do when — if confirmed, I would like to work towards engaging civil society in a deeper — in a deeper –

SEN. MCCAIN: Obviously, you don’t want to answer my question.

Both nominees raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for President Obama’s presidential campaigns.

President Obama “entered office promising to limit the practice” of naming campaign donors to plum ambassadorial posts “and instead appoint more Foreign Service professionals to ambassadorial positions.” Currently more than 41 percent of Obama’s ambassadorial nominees are considered “political” selections and are not career foreign service officials.


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