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Shelby Steele, Singing The Praises of Michael Steele

As mentioned earlier, I’m spending the week as a visiting Media Fellow at the Hoover Institution. Today is the organization’s post-Election retreat, and the great Shelby Steele just spoke. (Have you checked out his interview with NRO’s Peter Robinson on Uncommon Knowledge?)
Steele was just asked if there were any figures on the horizon who will do a good job of representing conservatives today.
Shelby Steele replied, “I like Michael Steele — no relation to me. (laughter) We’ve talked about that, and can’t find a link. I admire his integrity. He really stands for something – he’s unapologetic. When conservatives get apologetic for what they believe, that’s always our problem.”
While the comments are not quite an endorsement of Michael Steele’s bid for RNC chair, the former Maryland lieutenant governor’s backers won’t mind the words of praise, or that he was the first name that came to Shelby Steele’s mind.

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