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So What Was Brian Schweitzer Thinking?

Last night, the Republican Governors Association took a moment to tweak their counterparts on the Democratic side:

The Republican Governors Association congratulated Creigh Deeds on his primary victory tonight.

“Congratulations on your victory tonight,” said RGA Communications Director Mike Schrimpf. “FYI, the DGA will be calling you soon . . . they’re real sorry about that endorsement of Terry McAuliffe last week.”

“Apparently the DGA is selling a lot of things that Virginians aren’t buying,” Schrimpf continued. “If Brian Schweitzer does call, you should probably recommend that DGA pulls down those misleading attack ads because nobody’s buying those either.”

The DGA has poured $3.2 million into ads attacking Bob McDonnell. Despite those efforts, the most recent poll shows McDonnell with a plus 22 net approval rating, while Deeds approval rating is just plus 2 points.

MSNBC asks, “What the heck was Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer, the current head of the Democratic Governors Association, thinking when he endorsed McAuliffe last week, especially as polls were beginning to show a Deeds surge? Schweitzer last night released a statement congratulating Deeds that said this: ‘Creigh is the natural choice to continue the legacy of Governors Warner and Kaine.’ But people are obviously going to ask: How is Deeds the natural choice when Schweitzer originally endorsed McAuliffe? One can’t help but wonder: What did McAuliffe promise Schweitzer? Is this about Schweitzer’s own national ambitions?”

The DGA says they’re having their best fundraising year ever, but they began 2009 $3 million behind the RGA. The possibility of two largely self-financed candidates this year — Jon Corzine and McAuliffe — might have been too tempting to resist.


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