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Some Good Signs in Wisconsin, But Watch For Voter Fraud

Wisconsin is another one of those states I wouldn’t put enormous hopes on going red this year. But there are some interesting indicators – like the phone lines in the McCain-Palin office in Green Bay getting overloaded from calls requesting tickets for a rally Thursday. And Obama’s lead in the state seems pretty modest lately.

Having said that, Milwaukee voter fraud — er, “vigorous Democratic turnout efforts” — should keep the state blue this year. 
Wisconsin’s Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen is suing the State Accountability Board, trying to get them to check all new voter registrations since Jan 1, 2006. People in the statewide voter database whose names don’t match up with information maintained by other state agencies would be forced to cast provisional ballots on Nov. 4 and must bring back proof of identification and address within 24 hours to ensure their votes count.
It will come as an enormous shock to you that the state Democratic Party is fighting this in court.
Now, mind you, this is exactly what Barack Obama did in his first race for public office, except he and his guys disqualified signatures under a much stricter standard — i.e., where the name was in print instead of cursive.
But apparently enforcing the law is partisan.


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