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Some Lawmakers Insist Their Constituents Don’t Want In-Person Town Halls

Rep. Anna Eshoo (D., Calif.), on why she’s doing telephone town halls: “We will keep doing them because constituents have told me they really like the telephone town hall meetings. They don’t have to leave their homes — they can be having dinner or doing whatever they’re doing in the house and still participate.”

From her answer, one would think it was either in-person or telephone town halls, and not both.

I understand it’s no fun to go to a local school or city hall and have your constituents accuse you of trying to kill them. I understand you feel a little awkward insisting that no taxpayer will be paying for abortions because they’re only paying for a plan that pays for abortions. I understand that it’s discomforting to see a roomful of skeptics when you say that the system is untenable and dramatic, sweeping change is needed, but that everyone can keep their current doctor and their current coverage.

But then again, you did ask for the job. If you can’t handle a roomful of skeptics, I’m sure post-Congress life offers many lucrative opportunities.

In the rest of her responses, she offers most of what we’ve heard from Obamacare defenders, including the insistence that the “bill explicitly prohibits any undocumented aliens from receiving any federal dollars to subsidize health insurance.” Of course, some verification provisions would go a long way. Illegal immigrants aren’t supposed to be able to get jobs, either, but that hasn’t stopped them from getting them.


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