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Somebody at the London Times Hates John McCain

You think the London Times has it in for John McCain? A few months ago, they were one of the few to take Drudge’s “spot on McCain’s forehead” speculation seriously, headlining a story, “Cancer fears cap bad week for McCain as he looks for old magic.” (If you’ll recall, McCain bumped his head getting out of a helicopter in Iraq and it left a bruise.”

Today they write, “McCain could pull out of race by autumn.”
The Times notes that the speculation was “vigorously denied by the McCain camp.” They do quote Republican consultants like Tom Edmonds, but none of them are really affiliated with McCain’s campaign. So the story is basically, “people on the outside of the McCain campaign think he’ll be done by September.”
Yes, McCain could be out by September. He could also get abducted by aliens. I wouldn’t bet much on either possibility, though.


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