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South Carolina Democrats Really Know How to Pick Them

No more Alvin Greenes for the South Carolina Democratic party, no sir! No, they’ve got much better candidates for the state’s two U.S. Senate races this fall. First, they’ve got a former Obama-administration official who brags about founding a consulting firm . . . that was involuntarily dissolved by the state of Illinois after 18 months.

But check out the other great candidate they’ve found, Jay Stamper, as reported by the Spartanburg Herald-Journal:

During a lunch with Spartanburg County Democrats at Golden Corral on Monday, Stamper attacked Sen. Lindsey Graham’s loyalty to conservative principles and said spending trillions of dollars on foreign engagements isn’t fiscal conservatism, limiting abortion and marriage isn’t limited government conservatism, and supporting the National Security Administration’s data collection isn’t constitutional conservatism.

“I will settle for their grudging and reluctant support,” Stamper said of Republicans and independents he hopes to sway.

Grudging and reluctant support has come from some corners of Stampers’ own party after revelations he pleaded guilty to three felony charges associated with the illegal sale of securities in 2006. Stamper was ordered to repay millions of dollars and said at Monday’s meeting that $600,000 of that came from his own pocket. Stamper called the incident “a business mistake I made several years ago,” and said securities laws are very complicated, and he acted on advice from two teams of lawyers.

“I never meant to hurt anyone. There was no malice. . . . In a way I was reckless . . . but there were mitigating circumstances,” he said.

(That laughing sound you heard was South Carolina Tea Party members laughing that Democrats are complaining about “Graham’s loyalty to conservative principles.”)

What’s a couple felonies between friends, right?

On second thought, Alvin Greene doesn’t look so bad.

UPDATE: Uh-oh.


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