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The Spanish-Language Obamacare Site Has Yet to Work at All

There’s something Alinskyesque about this tactic from Senator Marco Rubio (and that’s intended as a compliment, not an insult):

Sen. Marco Rubio, who announced Tuesday that he will introduce a bill next week delaying the penalty assessed to people who do not buy insurance under the Affordable Care Act, later in the day stressed that the Spanish-language component for signing up has not yet been launched.

The website includes a tab for users to click on in order to register, but once on the next page, it tells users to call a toll-free number. The site also includes spelling errors, such as “Comienze aquí,” instead of “Comience aquí.”

“Hispanics have among the highest uninsured rates in the nation,” said the Florida Republican. “Yet despite hundreds of millions of dollars devoted to a Spanish-language propaganda campaign, the Spanish-language Obamacare website hasn’t even been launched.”

One of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” was “Make the enemy live up to his own rules.” The Democrats and the administration insist they’re the more competent, the more caring, the ones more concerned with Hispanic communities. They’re the party of bilingualism and reflexive opposition to English-only. And yet as bad as English-speakers have had it, the administration has completely failed in its effort to offer any options to those more comfortable reading Spanish. They can’t even spell the words correctly.


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