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Spared by the Sequester: ‘Decommissioning’ Forest Roads

Today’s example of federal-government spending under sequester comes from the U.S. Forest Service, which awarded $43,635 to Mark Agee Excavation to “decommission” several miles of road in Clearwater National Forest in Idaho.

Here is a description of the contract:

The Cherokee Twin Road Decomissioning project consists of decommissioning approximately 4-7 miles of road. Road decommissioning will consist of complete recontouring with drainage structures being pulled. Roadways will be decompacted as described in worklists. All fill material in draws will be removed and stream channels restored to natural grade and dimensions. All disturbed areas will be seeded. In addition, native forbs and shrubs will be transplanted from areas adjacent to the road. Grade control structures will be constructed in newly reconstructed stream channels.

Or you could leave the road as it is and keep visitor tours of the White House going for another two and a half weeks.

This contract was awarded March 8, one week after the sequester took effect.

In other breaking news, the federal government uses “decompacted” as a verb.


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