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Spared by the Sequester, So Far: Air Force Fantasy Football Program

We have a “Spared by the Sequester” Champion, courtesy Streiff:

The Air Force Personal Center Services Directorate (AFPC/SV) is seeking sources for providing the Air Force installations a Fantasy Football Program. The AFPC/SV is comprised of over 100 installations worldwide. The Fantasy Football Program will be accessed by all Air Force Airman, Civilians and Family Members.

AFPC/SV request information and pricing on providing product branding, hosting, managing, and delivering all programs and materials related to running a Fantasy Football League.

Now, this is only a request for information that could, in the future, lead to a contract to provide the service; no money has been spent. Responses to the request for information are due April 10, and it is possible the Air Force Personal Center Services Directorate will not spend any money at all.

But… don’t ESPN and other sports web sites offer these games for free?

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