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Speaking From the Ledge, Metaphorically, For Now

As Captain Ed, I’ll be appearing on his BlogTalkRadio program at 3 p.m, speaking metaphorically from the ledge.
A couple things on my mind today… First, one of the biggest changes in American society in the past 10 years is the “Long Tail” – you can now get just about any book ever written from, almost any song — individually! — downloaded off the Internet, almost any show that’s ever been on TV on DVD; a million options on demand, etc. Go to a megasupermarket, and there are dozens of different kinds of mustards. You can personalize the ring of your cell phone.


Perhaps we’re seeing the birth of “niche” politics, in which people are growing strongly attached to their personalized, perfect little candidates, and aren’t interested in compromising to be part of a mass movement… 


Second, looking at the Bill & Hill vs. Obama fight, I’m not a Democrat, and so I don’t expect my taste to match that of members of that party. But I’m really struck how Democrats can see those two as equally appealing choices. Obama seems like a decent man; Hillary, the Queen of Whitewater had the audacity to complain about Obama’s connections to a shady real estate deal. She, who insisted the Lewinsky scandal was the work of a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, says Obama isn’t honest. 
The Clintons are small, dishonest, arrogant, entitled, and vindictive; then again, perhaps their indecency better matches the rank-and-file Democrats than the decency of Obama.

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