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This Special House Election Can Be Called Gang-Related

Over on the home page, I take a look at tomorrow’s special election in California’s 36th House district, where GOP challenger Craig Huey — who wasn’t even expected to make the runoff — has a fighting chance against Democratic Los Angeles city councilwoman Janice Hahn. Huey and his supporters have done everything possible to capitalize on a pair of reports by the Fox News affiliate in L.A., examining Hahn’s support for “gang outreach” and “gang intervention” programs that appeared to trust, and allegedly hire and compensate, violent convicted criminals. Unfortunately, at least one of the gang members who Hahn once characterized as “part of the solution” continued his violent habits.

Is this enough to keep her out of Congress? More specifically, will it cause enough doubts in a D+12 district to elect a Republican? It is a steep climb, but we will have answers soon.


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