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State Exchange With Wrong Prices Spends $75,000 on Murals

Penny Bacchiochi, a Republican state representative exploring a run for governor of Connecticut next year, points out that the state’s new health exchange, which had incorrect information online about deductibles and co-insurance for all of the individual health plans offered through the exchange, somehow had the funding to commission three murals, plus nearly $4,000 to have one of them installed.

Total cost: Roughly $79,000.

Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman, a co-chairwoman of the Access Health CT board, justified the expense: “This mural is a creative way for us to express that commitment to building healthier communities.”

Hey, you know what else would build a healthier community? Accurate information on the state exchange.

Bacchiochi asks, “Given that Access Health CT has the resources for such extravagances, I’d like to hear their excuse for not properly proof-reading the online health care policies.”

Incumbent Democratic governor Dan Malloy is up for reelection next year.