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Strategic Vision CEO: “I’d Put My Money on McCain.”

Santa was good to me, and got me an XM Satellite Radio receiver. Right now on POTUS08, David E. Johnson, CEO of Strategic Vision polling company is predicting the Republican primary will come down to a two-man race between John McCain and Mitt Romney.

“We’re seeing trendlines in the direction of Romney and McCain,” he just said.
He says that last cycle his organization did see late trendlines breaking towards Kerry and Edwards, who finished first and second in Iowa.
He also notes that we could, God forbid, still see an event between now and Florida that reorients the election towards terrorism, national security, and homeland security, which would help Giuliani, he contends.
“If I were to bet right now, I would be putting my money on John McCain,” says Johnson, who worked on Bob Dole’s 1988 campaign.

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