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Strategy? Gaffe? That’s Just Ed Being Ed.

As noted in the Jolt, we shouldn’t be stunned that Ed Rollins has made headlines within days of joining Team Michele Bachmann; this is what he does.

Obviously, candidates like Mike Huckabee and Michele Bachmann keep hiring Rollins, so he must do something that reassures them a great deal. Even after he attributed Christie Todd Whitman’s 1993 gubernatorial win to giving “walking around money” to African-American ministers. Even after he shocked Republicans by signing on with the presidential campaign of H. Ross Perot on June 3, 1992; even after he shocked the Perot folks by quitting on July 15, 1992. Even after he trashed former client Katherine Harris after quitting her campaign six months before Election Day. Even after he wrote a June 2007 Washington Post op-ed where he practically begged New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg to run for president in a third-party bid, declaring the mayor “one of the nation’s most popular and effective politicians.” (Bloomberg had just officially departed the GOP.)

I found this still-revelant quote from a 1992 New York Times profile of Rollins:

“One thing I respect about Ed is that he doesn’t leak,” said James Lake, a Washington lawyer and longtime associate who is advising the Bush re-election team. “He does more damage on the record than any leaker that I’ve ever seen.”

Perhaps Bachmann will win Iowa; if she does, I’m sure Rollins will be as cheerful and warm in his candidate’s moment of victory as he was back in 2008:

I love Brit Hume’s dry response, “Always good to get an interview with a joyful victor.”


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