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The Stylish Fashion Choice in Penn. Poll Lines: ‘Operation Chaos’ T-Shirts

What makes me think the GOP crossover vote was significant? Well, the “Operation Chaos” t-shirts were my first clue…

But not everybody registered so their favorite Democrat would win. By some estimates, hundreds of Republicans switched parties to keep the feud going between Clinton and Obama.
Republican Dave Rotigel is one of them. While voting on Tuesday, Rotigel wore a shirt that read, “Operation Chaos,” which was inspired by conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh.
“Now that Hillary is running, I decided to register Democrat so I could vote for the woman,” said Rotigel, who said he does not like Clinton. “We need to keep this Democrat family feud going as long as we can. Hopefully, it will go to the convention floor and destroy the Democratic Party for five decades.”

The story notes “there are 5,400 more registered Democrats in Westmoreland County this election day than there were in the November general election.”
El Rushbo, Commander in Chief of Operation Chaos, can hold his head up high tomorrow. Er, even higher than usual.
UPDATE: Exit polls indicate 10 percent of voters in the Democratic primary described themselves as “conservative.” Obviously, Pennsylvania has its share of genuine conservative Democrats, but the standard crossover vote is usually in the neighborhood of two percent.