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SuperPACs Already Active for 2014 Cycle

Believe it or not, independent groups are already reporting expenditures for the 2014 election cycle to the FEC — mostly by liberal groups in the Democratic primary of the special House election in Chicago, but Club for Growth Action has spent $151,564.80 on a television ad opposing Senator Mark Pryor, an Arkansas Democrat up for reelection in 2014.

By far the biggest spender is Independence USA PAC, New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg’s anti-gun group, which spent $2,228,638.78 in the race. The vast majority of the expenditures were classified as opposing Deborah Halvorson and Toi Hutchison, but some were classified as supporting the eventual primary winner, Robin Kelly.

The Service Employees International Union’s Committee on Political Education — an illustrious name for a political action committee — spent $14,266 on radio advertising that simultaneously supported Kelly and opposed Halvorson, and a separate $59,755 on earlier ads hitting Halvorson.

Halvorson and Hutchison proved to be the most popular targets of the liberal groups; all the rest of the reported independent expenditures were classified as opposing the pair. Credo SuperPac, a liberal group that has set out to “take down the Tea Party Ten,” spent $44,033.33 on efforts opposing them; Progressive Kick, which sets out to “Give Conservatives the Boot!” spent $27,510 opposing them, and Progressive U.S.A. Voters spent an additional $21,484.


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