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Survey USA Sees Huge Wright Fallout

Survey USA has some dramatic numbers, illustrating the Wright fallout for Obama.

In Alabama, Obama had been down 14 to McCain. Now he’s down 27.
In Minnesota, Obama has gone from up 7 to down by 1 percent.
In Wisconsin, he’s gone from up 11 to up by 4 percent.
In California, Obama’s lead actually increased by 3 percent (to 14), but here’s the biggest shocker. In Massachusetts — the state of John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Michael Dukakis, Barney Frank, etc. — Obama’s gone from up 7 to a TIE.
Now, I don’t really expect McCain to win Massachusetts this fall. (One reader wondered if this number was a reflection of voters’ hangover/buyer’s remorse over Obama’s buddy, Deval Patrick.) But the idea that what was considered one of the bluest states in the nation could be in play has to keep certain superdelegates up at night.
UPDATE: N.Z. Bear notes that since the Obama story really caught the public’s attention, March 14, about 30 percent of all blog posts on the Internet mentioning “Obama” have also included the word “Wright.” In the two days since the speech, the percentage has remained stable. He’s got a really neat graph found here.


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