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Swing States to Obama: We Don’t Approve

Gallup has released Obama’s average job approval rating for 2011 in all 50 states (and D.C.).

The numbers are pretty lousy-to-awful in most of the swing states.

Wisconsin: 47.4 percent.

Pennsylvania: 45 percent.

Virginia: 44.5 percent.

Oregon: 44.5 percent.

North Carolina: 43.7 percent.

Florida: 43.6 percent.

Ohio: 42.1 percent.

New Mexico: 41.7 percent.

Nevada: 41.3 percent.

Colorado: 40.4 percent.

New Hampshire: 38.7 percent.

Of course, “I approve of the job President Obama is doing” does not necessarily correlate to “I will vote for him in 2012,” and vice versa. Voters who are disappointed with Obama might prefer him as president to the GOP option.

But, all things considered, this is a very weak position for an incumbent president to begin an election year.


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