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T-Paw on Objecting to Reading the Constitution: ‘Are You Kidding Me?’

I had a chance to talk to outgoing Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, who’s readying a book tour that will conveniently take him through some key presidential-primary states. The full interview should be up sometime early next week, but I’ll preview one exchange dealing with events from this morning:

NRO: A very current-event-oriented question: They’re about to begin reading the Constitution on the floor of the House of Representatives, and Democrats are objecting. I think my favorite line is that apparently Jay Inslee of Washington said, ‘We have not had time to review the document before us.’

TP: Are you kidding me?

NRO: (reading) “We have not been able to review the exact language we will be reading today.” (laughter)

TP: I applaud the initiative of reading the Constitution on the floor of the Congress. I think they should do that regularly. Anything we can do to call more attention to the Constitution, the founding documents, the Founders’ intent, I stand up and cheer all that.


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